Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Clone Wars Volume 3

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Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Clone Wars Volume 3 (07.04.2020)
Dienstag, 7. April 2020
  • bei Marvel
  • Sammelband, Softcover, 424 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-302-92376-1
  • $39,99 USD
Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Klonkriege, Infinities (21 VSY bis 19 VSY)
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Tales of the legendary Clone Wars! Renegade Jedi Quinlan Vos has crept closer than ever to the dark side of the Force–and now he must not only confront his former student Aayla Secura and his old friend Obi-Wan Kenobi, but place his fate in the hands of the Jedi Council itself! Meanwhile, the new knighted Anakin Skywalker and the evil Sith apprentice Ventress have become obsessed with defeating one another. Could this be their final battle at last? Plus: Discover the origin of the murderous villain General Grievous! The race to Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith begins here!

COLLECTING: Star Wars: Republic (2002) 68-73; Star Wars: General Grievous (2005) 1-4); Free Comic Book Day 2006: Star Wars; Star Wars: Obsession (2004) 1-5; Material from Star Wars Visionaries (2005) GN; Star Wars Tales (1999) 17

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