Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 3

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Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Volume 3 (05.05.2020)
Dienstag, 21. Juli 2020
Jan Duursema
  • bei Marvel
  • Sammelband, Softcover, 448 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-302-92375-4
  • $39,99 USD
Vermächtnis-Ära (137 NSY bis 138 NSY)
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Cade Skywalker and his crew are back to their old pirating ways, but soon find themselves stranded on Tatooine – with a trio of Black Sun assassins on their trail! Elsewhere, Imperial deep-cover agent Morrigan Corde has plans of her own. She’ll stop at nothing to fi nd Cade…but the ghost of Luke Skywalker just might find him first! Meanwhile, with Darth Krayt missing, the evil Sith Darth Wyyrlok has proclaimed himself the new emperor of the galaxy. But the other Sith have their own ideas! And when the overthrown Empire-in-exile prepares to take back control of the galaxy with their own Force users, will the Jedi join them to defeat a common enemy? In the far future of Star Wars, nothing is what it seems!

COLLECTING: STAR WARS: LEGACY (2006) 37-40, 42-50; STAR WARS: LEGACY – WAR (2010) 1-6

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