Knight Errant: Aflame #4

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Knight Errant: Aflame #4
Cover:Joe Quinones
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
  • Heft
  • 40 S.
  • $2,99 USD
Reihe:Knight Errant
Ära:Ära der Alten Republik
Timeline:1032 VSY


Jedi Kerra Holt prevented the destruction of the mining colony of Chelloa . . . but she also began a Sith–on–Sith war, and the colony is in the middle!

Complete annihilation has not come to the planet of Chelloa by the hand of Sith Lord Odion, but a war between him and his rival brother, Lord Daiman, might not leave much of the planet for either of them to rule. It’s up to Kerra to find the advantage in the rivalry between the two Sith.

  • John Jackson Miller is also writing a Knight Errant novel for Del Rey starring Kerra Holt.
  • Read about Kerra Holt here first in Dark Horse comics!


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Sonderband #63: Knight Errant I: In Flammen
John Jackson Miller (Autor), Federico Dallocchio (Zeichner, Tuschezeichner), Ivan Rodriguez (Zeichner, Tuschezeichner), Belardino Brabo (Tuschezeichner), Marcio Loezer (Tuschezeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Brendan Wright (Redakteur), Dave Marshall (Redakteur), Freddye Lins (Redakteur)
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