Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

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Dark Forces: Jedi Knight
Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 1998
Dave Dorman
Dark Forces
Ära der Neuen Republik (5 NSY)
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In Jedi Knight, Jerec, the Dark Jedi, brings his forces to Ruusan in the final part of his search for the Valley of the Jedi. Destroying anything that gets in his way, Jerec reaches the Valley just ahead of Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors. With the help of the indigenous inhabitants of the planet, Kyle and Jan confront Jerec’s Jedi and prepare for a final showdown with Jerec. If Jerec defeats Kyle, the unlimited power contained in the Valley will enable him to rule the galaxy. Are Kyle’s untrained Jedi powers enough to defeat Jerec?

Written by John Whitman, based on a novel by William C. Dietz
Produced by Tom Voegeli
Directed by Peter Moore
Music by John Williams

Mark Benninghofen as Luke Skywalker
Randal Berger as Kyle Katarn
Christopher Bloch as Lt. Aagon and Bouncer
James Cada as Screamer and Imperial Pilot
Mo Collins as Jan Ors
Patrick Coyle as Speeder Pilot and Imperial Co-Pilot
Nancy Crocker as Sariss
Stephen D’Ambrose as Boc and Weapons Officer
Susanne Egli as Leia Organa
Louise Enyeart as Lasko and Peeno
Chris Forth as Mon Mothma
James Gaulke as Han Solo
Gary Groomes as Major Vig
Allen Hamilton as Jerec
Emil Herrera as Obata
Ken Hiller as Narrator
Jay Hornbacher as Grif
Tom Keith as Sergeant and Imperial Pilot
Timothy Kuhlmann as Yun
Peter Moore as Officer and Floater
Martin Ruben as Battle Droid and Maw
Sue Scott as Carole
Michael Tezla as Rahn
Jack Walsh as Mayor Devo and Pardy
John Wehrmann as Captain Trico
Stephen Yoakam as Dinko, Executive, and Captain Tola


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