Jedi Academy: Leviathan #3

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Jedi Academy: Leviathan #3
Cover:Paul Chadwick
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
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  • 32 S.
  • $2,95 USD
Reihe:Jedi Academy: Leviathan
Ära:Ära der Neuen Republik
Timeline:12 NSY


Kyp Durron arrives on the mining world of Corbos only to find the entire colony destroyed. There are no signs of life but Kyp can still hear the psychic outcries of the colonists. He is drawn toward the leviathan of Corbos, a beast that he finds has devoured the colonists — and yet trapped their minds and spirits. And it’s up to Kyp to defeat the leviathan on his own. . .

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Kevin J. Anderson (Autor), Dario Carrasco Jr. (Zeichner), David Jacob Beckett (Zeichner), Bill Black (Tuschezeichner), Mark G. Heike (Tuschezeichner), Ray Murtaugh (Kolorist), Dave Land (Redakteur)
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