Galaxy of Creatures (World of Reading Level 2)

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Galaxy of Creatures (World of Reading Level 2) (04.01.2022)
Dienstag, 4. Januar 2022
Kristin Baver – Autor*in
World of Reading
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Explore the creatures of the Star Wars galaxy with this colorful reader based on the Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures animated shorts!

Join adventurous droid 5F-RE (you can call him Aree) as a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts as he journeys across the galaxy to learn everything there is about wildlife big and small. From how to teach porgs to do tricks to how to brush a rancor’s teeth, Aree will get answers to the biggest – and silliest – creature questions.

Adorable creature animations and beautifully drawn environments along with fun facts and slapstick comedy are sure to delight Star Wars fans of all ages!


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