Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago… Volume 1: Doomworld

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Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... Volume 1: Doomworld
Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2002
Classic Star Wars (Dark Horse)
Ära der Rebellion (0 NSY)
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Dark Horse Comics is proud to present Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago… featuring classic Star Wars stories not seen in over twenty years! Originally printed by Marvel Comics, these stories have been recolored and are sure to please Star Wars fans both new and old. Volume 1 contains stories from the original Marvel run like the riveting classics Eight for Aduba-3, Star Search, and the smash hit of June 1978 Doomworld!

This volume includes the stories:
Star Wars
Six Against the Galaxy
Death Star!
In battle with Darth Vader
Lo, the Moons of Yavin
The Final Chapter?
New Planets, new Perils!
Eight for Aduba-3
Showdown on a Wasteland World
Behemoth from the World Below
Star Search!
Day of the Dragon Lords
The Sound of Armegeddon
Star Duel
The Hunter
The Empire Strikes
The Ultimate Gamble

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