Star Wars Dollar Origami

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Star Wars Dollar Origami (22.10.2019)
Mitwirkende:Won Park - Autor
Verlag:Thunder Bay Press
  • Taschenbuch, Set
  • 80 S.
  • 978-1-68412-883-9
  • $24,99 USD


Padawans, get ready to learn the art of origami!

Galactic paper craft comes to life with these ten Star Wars origami models, and master paper engineer Won Park will have you bending your banknotes in no time. This kit gives you all the practice currency you need to become adept at creating an array of legal tender transport, including a TIE fighter, the Millennium Falcon, an X-wing fighter, and more! Dive into the step-by-step instruction book and enjoy detailed diagrams and colorful photos to help you perfect each crease and fold. Star Wars Dollar Origami is a great way to leave an impression with a tip at a restaurant, or just to impress your friends!

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Star Wars Dollar Origami (22.10.2019)Star Wars Dollar Origami
Won Park (Autor)
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