Empire Volume 2: Darklighter

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Empire Volume 2: Darklighter
Cover:Kilian Plunkett
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
  • Sammelband, Softcover
  • 144 S.
  • 978-1-56971-975-6
  • $17,99 USD
Ären:Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:1 VSY bis 0 VSY


Before Luke Skywalker, the Rebel Alliance had another hero: Biggs Darklighter. For the first time, the full story of Luke’s boyhood friend is revealed; from his departure from Tatooine to attend the Imperial Academy, to his decision to lead a mutiny against the Empire and join the Rebellion, to the fateful attack on the Death Star.

Writer Paul Chadwick has resurrected scenes that were shot for Star Wars: A New Hope, but which ended up on the cutting room floor, and extrapolated from them the life and times of Luke Skywalker’s best friend; and artist Doug Wheatley has produced stunning artwork for one of the most acclaimed Star Wars comics stories ever. An essential companion to A New Hope, and an exciting addition to any Star Wars library!

Also included: “The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell,” by Chadwick and artist Tomás Giorello. A revealing look at one of the early leaders of the Rebel Alliance; a man haunted by a dark past and driven to a heroic, but self-destructive fate.

Enthaltene Werke (2)

Sonderband #18: Imperium: Darklighter (10.12.2003)
Empire: Darklighter
Deutscher Titel: Imperium: Darklighter
Paul Chadwick (Autor), Douglas Wheatley (Zeichner), Christian Dalla Vecchia (Tuschezeichner), Brad Anderson (Kolorist), Chris Chuckry (Kolorist), Digital Chameleon (Letterer), Sno Cone Studios (Letterer), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Empire #10: he Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell, Part 1
Empire: The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell
Deutscher Titel: Imperium: Helden der Rebellion
Paul Chadwick (Autor), Tomás Giorello (Zeichner), Brad Anderson (Kolorist), Sno Cone Studios (Letterer), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
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