Star Wars Roleplaying Game Character Record Sheets

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Character Record Sheets (22.11.2000)
Mittwoch, 22. November 2000
Andrew Robinson
Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Wizards of the Coast)
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„Impressive. Most impressive…“

No matter how unusual or powerful your Star Wars character is, these reference sheets are indispensable. Keep track of everything that makes your character unique on one easy-to-use sheet. This package also includes a vehicle record sheet, a starship record sheet, and a droid record sheet to help expand the details about your character’s most prized possessions.

Each character record sheet features:

  • Clear, easy-to-find character details
  • Handy attack, defense, and saving throw information
  • A complete list of skills, feats, and Force powers
  • Room for character descriptions, unique items, and favorite quotes
  • An easy-to-photocopy design


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