Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind the Saga

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Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind the Saga
Dienstag, 17. September 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars
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The official companion to the hit game Angry Birds Star Wars, this fun-filled book investigates the wonder of science as readers follow the Angry Birds on their galactic Star Wars adventure. Explore the unknown with the Angry Birds and watch as they uncover the true stories, inventions, and unbelievable science behind the science fiction. Discover how art imitates life by exploring the discovery of Kepler 16b, a real Tatooine planet. Understand how a hovercraft works and how it resembles the land speeder. Find out how close we are to creating a real-life lightsaber. Learn about your favorite Angry Birds characters and join them on their galactic mission!

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